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  • I’m one year old in Second Life! (Part 1)

    It’s been a year since I joined Second Life in March 2022! Time flies! It’s weird that I still feel like a newbie in SL as there are always things to learn, to explore and to be surprised! Joining SL is like the call from universe, it leads to a new path of my life!… Read more

  • My Gallery Evolution

    Second Life is a world to Chase Dream. 1. London City My 1st gallery was in London City. I chose to rent a small store there as I thought it was high traffic but turned out there were bots and people mainly stayed in the plaza. My gallery had barely zero traffic. 2. Fogbound Blues… Read more

  • The Reason to Continue

    The Cost of maintaining a land parcel in Second Life is NOT LOW. Every month, I spend much for my gallery. I have to pay land fee, premium plus membership, stuff about exhibition.My only incomes are the tips and photo sales but even the peak season can’t cover half of my monthly cost. So, why… Read more

  • Starborn Featured Artist Exhibition — Kian

    About Kian “I started my journey years back but it honestly took me a while before I finally found my own way of capturing the world around me. People often describe my pictures as a bit dark and moody but I try to see the comedy in everything; or the Tragicomedy perhaps. But the oil… Read more

  • Get Out of the Frames

    Do you ever want to escape from the frames others limit you? Sometimes I feel drowned in those frames. The characters we have to play in society, the tasks we have to do in routine. Even in holidays, colleagues have to send me messages which totally invade my private life. I would really like to… Read more

  • Second Life Friendship

    In Second Life, there are about 30000 online users every hour and 27631 sims in total for now. The possibility to meet one person in SL is 0.003% and the chance to be at the same sim is also 0.003%. And the possibility of two matching soul is way way low. So, when you meet… Read more

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